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Hanbell Products

Hanbell is a professional screw compressor manufacturer, now our products are classified into four series and we are proud agent for micro control system:

RE Series high COP&IPLV refrigerant screw compressor is dedicated to R134a water-cooled, air-cooled and heat pump, and R22 or R407C water-cooled application. At this moment we have 7 models available (RE-420~RE920), capacity ranging from 90~440USRT with displacements (60/50Hz) ranging from 501/417 to 1112/924. This series has great partial load, full load efficiency improvement with lower vibration and noises.

RC2 Series refrigerant screw compressor at this moment has 26 models (RC2-100~RC2-1530) with a capacity ranging from 25~500USRT and the displacements (60/50Hz) from 118/98 to 1847/1539 m3/h for different kinds of refrigerant such as R22, R407C, R134a and R404a. They are extensively used in the medium and low temperature applications and installed in thermo storage, water-cooled and air cooled chillers, flooded type chillers, heat pump applications, multifunction machine, heat recycling machine, frequency conversion and marine applications.

LB Series low-temperature refrigerant screw compressor has 8 models (LB100- LB410) with displacements (60/50Hz) ranging from 127/106 to 499/416 m3/h for different kinds of refrigerant such as R22, R404a and R507a. This series is dedicated in low temperature system such as refrigeration system, freezers, instant cooled machine, processing cooling machine and ice storage system.

RG Series open type screw compressor at this moment has 5 models (RG-200~RG-1270) with displacements (60/50Hz) ranging from 228/190 to 1522/1268 m3/h. It is developed especially for application with ammonia in refrigeration field. HFC and HCFC refrigerant can also be used with RG series compressor. When other gases are used, customer should consult Hanbell in advance to ensure the proper usage and compressor warranty.

RT Series Centrifugal Compressors.Dedicated to R134a, RT series achieves a high COP 6.2 with two-staged closed-typed impellers and economizer operation. 9 models from 550 to 1200 USRT are available now. Rigid bearings are installed inside as protection against oil loss in abrupt power cut and surge under part load. Precision inlet guide vanes are used for capacity modulation. Its built-in oil pumps, oil separators and oil heaters provide optimized oil management with low oil carry-over. Independent motor cooling is achieved by liquid injection to motor with pt100/pt1000.

VFD application.RC2-AV and RC2-AVI series semi-hermetic screw compressors are developed for VFD application. With advanced design, it provide more flexible capacity control 20~70Hz Air-cooled, 20~80Hz Water-cooled. The application of VFD provides higher part load efficiency. Furthermore, RC2-AVI series with automatic VI adjustment mechanism brings unbeatable IPLV.

A Series screw air compressor has a rated motor power ranging from 20HP to 400HP,operating pressure from 2kg/cm2G to 16kg/cm2G, and it suitable for automatic control and air supply of factory application.

AM Series Permanent Magnet Brushless Air Screw Compressor. In the past few years, Hanbell awareness of environmental issue has grown dramatically, therefore, in order to meet that air compressor require high efficiency at high speeds, Hanbell devotes in development of new products, AM series, high output air compressor with permanent brushless variable speed motor to minimize energy consumption for the most demanding applications, making major energy savings a reality. We supply the widest selection of air compressor from 20~75HP, i.e. 6 models for AM series, uses innovative design characteristics to reduce the motor size while delivering significantly higher torque, easy monitoring and maintenance with advanced Air Master S1 controller.

P Series dry vacuum pump is widely used in some applications of clean vacuum system such as vacuum coating, heat treatment, semiconductor and TFT industry. With its vacuum speed from 1600 l/min to 30000 l/min and ultimate pressure till 7.5x10-4Torr, this series of product will satisfy all your needs.

MCS Microcontroller products are made in the USA and designed for HVAC/R application.

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